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Here is a little info about the people and animals of our organization.  It is always changing and new faces and animals are popping up all the time.

Kevin Gaines - Kevin has been working with raptors for almost 10 years.  He has worked with birds as small as Kestrels and Conures to ones as large as Bald Eagles and Andean Condors!  He has worked with numerous other animals such as raising and training black bears, mountain lions, wolves, parrots and others.  He has presented programs at the New York, Georgia, North Carolina, and Mobile Renaissance Festivals, Callaway Gardens and numerous school programs.  He has also worked with people such as the host of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, Jim Fowler.  While working with Jim, he presented "Wonders of the Wild" at Stone Mountain in Atlanta as well as Silver Dollar City in Branson Missouri.  He has recently started using his skills in the bird abatement field, and founded "Sky Kings Falconry Service" in order to spread the message of wildlife conservation and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to bird problems. 

Jeff Briggs -  Jeff is a professional magician by trade, but a quick study when it comes to raptors.  He originally started animal training to add more to his shows, and has found another talent in applying his skills to educational programs and abatement work.

Meta Schmitz- Meta has worked in raptor rehabilitation for several years, and eventually moved to presenting programs and training animals at the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi.  She has excellent husbandry skills, and has been applying them to care for the birds of Sky Kings.

Travis Gaines- Travis is an eager student and quick to learn.  He excels in pigeon trapping and removal, and has saved numerous businesses from the destruction and disease due to pigeon feces.

Krieger- He is a 5 year old Saker Falcon.  Krieger is the workhorse of Sky Kings.  He has chased away tens of thousands of Starlings, Grackles, Pigeons, and Robins.  He is a champ at working the refinery scene, and has equally proved his worth in orchards as well.  Krieger gets along wonderfully with other falcons, so we are able to fly more than one bird at a time on our jobs.

Galaxy- She is a 2 year old Barbary Falcon, and is just starting to molt in her adult plumage.  She has a great disposition, and is a speed demon!  She also has the agility to grab Starlings out of mid air!  There is no shortage to the feats this bird will be able to achieve.

Ace- He is a 3 year old Lanner Falcon from Africa.  While he is not as fast as the other falcons, his loyalty is beyond question.  He likes to fly in large slow circles, which allows us to pay close attention to smaller areas.  He seems to prefer working over a flock of pigeons, but is no stranger to other targets.

Willow - She is a Eurasian Kestrel born in the summer of 2009.  She has an incredibly sweet personality and has been learning exponentially fast.  She will make an excellent show bird and despite her size, quite possibly used for pigeon abatement inside.

Tango- He is a 3 year old Harris Hawk with a thirst for pigeons.  Tango has been known to single handedly clear a warehouse of pigeons in as little as two weeks!  He is exceptionally smart, and it doesn't take long for him to catch on.  With his hunting skills and intelligence, he can work in just about any situation.  The best part about Tango is that he can switch from abatement mode to show mode instantly!

Wyatt- This male Harris Hawk has been with us for more than 6 years.  He was originally a falconry bird that turned into an educational hawk.  Now he is getting back into old habits working bird abatement. 

Artemis-  He is our Eurasian Eagle Owl.  Artemis free flies in programs all over, and even serves as a "Sentry" on our bird abatement projects.  He will eventually be trained for chasing pigeons for abatement work.

Igor-  He is an imprint Black Vulture that came to us from a raptor rehab center.  He incredibly smart and an excellent performer.  Those that have seen him in action will never forget him!

Tristan Blake Gaines -The newest member of the team that joined on December 17, 2009!
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