Sky Kings Falconry
Welcome to Sky Kings Falconry!

Sky Kings Falconry is dedicated to the Education, and Preservation of our planets wildlife, and employing its natural abilities to correct environmental issues.

The team at Sky Kings has been working with raptors and other animals for more than 9 years, and have adapted their skills to fit many situations and venues .

Free Flight Demonstrations and Educational Programs - We feature hawks, owls, falcons, vultures, parrots and other colorful and interesting animals.  Our programs focus on Natural History, Unique Traits, and the Natural Abilities of these incredible animals.  They can be tailored to fit themes, stages, and a variety of venues, and delivered to a variety of audiences! 

Environmentally Friendly Bird Abatement - Using nature to correct nature, our team flies hawks, owls and falcons in a variety of environments.  We have helped businesses such as refineries, warehouses, airports, vineyards, orchards and more.  We use the natural predator/prey instincts to virtually wipe out nuisance birds such as pigeons, starlings, grackles, seagulls, robins and more!  This is proven to be the most effective and green method for removing these types of animals with better than a 99.99% success rate!

Falconry Lessons and Guided Hunts - Our highly experienced crew and talented birds are able to provide Guided Hunts on your property or ours for a variety of game.  We provide different levels of Falconry Instruction from basic information and techniques to hunting!

Sky Kings Falconry

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